Galvanising Furnace

Thermovision undertakes both vertical and horizontal furnaces for continuous galvanizing lines, producing a high quality product for construction and appliances. Thermovision provides both zinc and zinc / aluminium coating lines.

Thermovision has been manufacturing galvanizing lines since 2000 and has over fifteen references both within India and abroad, - in countries like Tanzania, Neigeria,Guatemala,Ukraine,Egypt and Bangladesh.

Galvanizing experience and expertise gained over this time allows Thermovision to offer cost effective and quality efficient process lines along with high thermal efficiency and long life for the zinc pot.

Heating Techniques

  • Electrical
  • Oil fired [HSD, Kerosene, Naphtha etc]
  • Gas fired [LPG, Natural gas, Propane gas etc]

Depending on the coating and process, the following grades can be produced on Thermovision Process Lines: FH, CQ, DQ, DDQ, EDDQ, selected automotive grade.

Salient Features

  • Guaranteed quality product.
  • Thermovision’s expertise in thin strip galvanizing.
  • Burners and flue parts are selected and located for uniform distribution of heat.
  • Accurate temperature control of the molten zinc through modern PLC Systems.
  • Easy detection and minimal damage in case of zinc leakage through failure of the pot, long pot life.
  • Proper selection and design of refractory lining for minimum heat loss.
  • Robust construction of furnace casing.
  • Fully automatic burners and temperature control through PC based PLC.
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning by qualified Thermovision engineers.
  • Good after sales service by well trained engineers.