Strip Processing Furnaces

ThermoCAL Annealing Furnaces

Thermovision Technologies is one of the leading suppliers for Furnaces for Continuous Strip Annealing lines.

ThermoCAL Annealing Furnaces by Thermovision can be used extensively for processing Stainless steel strips on Continuous Bright Annealing Lines or Cold rolled Strips on Continuous Annealing Lines. These Furnaces can be of different configuration to suit process requirement. Some of the widely used furnace configurations include

  • All Horizontal Radiant Tube Furnace
  • All Vertical Radiant Tube Furnace
  • Custom built

These Furnaces can be designed with open strip or with the muffle concept to make the use of pure hydrogen inside the furnace. Further, the furnace can have a slow cooling followed by ultra-fast cooling technology with a very high Hydrogen content. This results in a clean and damage free strip surface with required process parameters.

Depending on the requirements, these furnaces are able to process strip dimensions of 0.07 mm to 4.5 mm thickness, and up to 1800 mm in width. The atmosphere inside the furnaces is up to 100% Hydrogen. Operating temperatures can be in the range of 1190 °C

Thermovision’s extensive experience and proven technology enables it to provide customised solutions per customer requirement.

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