Coil Coating Ovens


Continuous coil coating lines are process lines where aluminium or steel strip is continuously coated. Coatings can be applied to protect against corrosion or weathering, for wear or scuff resistance, or to give a decorative appearance. ThermoCURE Coil Coating Ovens by Thermovision are for curing of paints on Continuous Coil Coating Lines. These Ovens employ specially designed Plenum for curing the painted surface at desired Peak Metal Temperature.

Each Oven has a number of independent heating zones depending on the process requirement and the line capacity. The recirculation air to be circulated inside the oven plenums can be heated either through gas fired combustion chambers or through electric heater banks.

For smaller paint lines, Thermovision offers compact size ovens that can be prefabricated and tested at our factory before shipment.

Thermovision has worldwide experience and process know how in designing, manufacturing and installing these ovens across many different Coil Coating Lines

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