Strip Processing Furnaces

thermoNOF CGL Furnaces

Thermovision Technologies is one of the leading suppliers for Furnaces for Continuous Strip Processing lines.

Thermovision ThermoNOF Strip Processing Furnaces are widely used for processing cold rolled carbon steel on various Continuous Annealing Lines, Continuous Galvanizing Lines and Galvalume Lines. These Furnace are used for processing material for different applications like roofing, Construction grade, structural steel, Solar Panels, appliance and select automotive grades.

These Furnaces can be of different configuration to suit process requirement. Some of the widely used furnace configurations include

  • All Horizontal Configuration
  • All Vertical Configuration
  • Inverted U Configuration
  • L Shaped Furnace
  • Custom built

These Furnaces have following sections in general

  • Open Flam DFF Section
  • Radiant Tube Heating and Soaking Section with Protective Atmosphere
  • Slow Jet Cooling System
  • Fast Jet Cooling System
  • Hot Bridle

Depending on the requirements, these furnaces are able to process strip dimensions of 0.09 mm to 4.5 mm thickness, and up to 1800 mm in width. The atmosphere inside the furnaces can be under stoichiometric or reducing – typically a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen, or even pure hydrogen.

Thermovision’s extensive experience and proven technology enables it to provide customised solutions per process requirements.

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